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The PULSE Ambassadors conduct an intensive three day workshop with your Department.  During the workshop, Ambassadors work with your faculty and department leadership to create a shared vision for the future and provide you them with the skills to work with one another using dynamic governance.  This creates a sense of shared ownership that leads to improvement in the adoption of best practice, such as Vision and Change, for the department.  

The Ambassadors Program primarily facilitates discussions in biology and life science departments that will aid them in implementing the recommendations of Vision and Change.  We help the department move along the path to creating a transformed life science education program that uses inclusive, student-centered, evidence-based teaching and learning to create an educated citizenry who routinely apply scientific knowledge, reasoning, and creative insight to address real-world challenges. 

This goal is achieved by facilitating the department’s discussion of its desired future state and the path by which the department can achieve that state. We approach this goal with organizational change and systems thinking in mind – that the whole department will be involved, in the context of its own institutional environment. The following topics are elements of this facilitation.   

  • Experiencing the Change Process 

  • Empowering Teams to Work Together

  • Identifying the Department’s Vision 

  • Understanding and Using Facilitative Leadership and Communication

  • Identifying the Barriers to the Department’s Vision  

  • Removing the Barriers to the Department’s Vision 

  • Creating an Action Plan to Implement the Department’s Vision 

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PULSE Ambassador Training 2019

The PULSE Ambassadors collaborate with life science and other STEM departments to support the development of a shared vision for the department and the implementation of recommendations for pedagogical and curricular reform, such as those in Vision and Change in Undergraduate Biology Education: A call to action (2011).  

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Ambassadors workshop

Our three-day Ambassador workshops are based in the principles of facilitative leadership, thereby allowing the department’s vision to emerge from dialog and consensus-building.  The PULSE Ambassadors Program is currently funded by an NSF RCN-UBE grant (Award 1624182), which builds on the foundation built with previous NSF support (Award 1335571).  If you and your department are interested in an Ambassador Workshop, please fill out this form.

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Ambassadors Training Workshop

Are you interested in becoming a PULSE Ambassador?  The PULSE Ambassadors regularly hold training workshops to train Ambassadors that visit institutions to help them with departmental change.