NW PULSE Region Workshop Presentations

December 9, 2020 Workshop:

This workshop features the following presenters:

  • Erika Offerdahl (Washington State University); building a supportive and inclusive learning community online
  • Elly Vandegrift (University of Oregon); the use of hyperflex classrooms in person and online
  • Jacquie Van Hoomissen (University of Portland); low-stakes assignments to spark curiosity and learning

Erika Offerdahl’s presentation and webinar introduction:  https://youtu.be/J9VlbJyZZxY

Elly Vandergrift’s presentation:  https://youtu.be/YiPR6C355ec

Jacquie Van Hoomissen’s presentation:  https://youtu.be/QO5tih5qbd0


January 29, 2021 Workshop:

This workshop features the following presenters:

  • Deborah Donovan (Western Washington University) discusses the pairing of Learning Goals with Success Criteria at a primarily undergraduate institution.
  • Greg Crowther (Everett Community College) explores the use of Test Question Templates for a community-college population.
  • Ben Wiggins (University of Washington) explains the public exam system that is being used at several R1s. 

Deborah Donovan's presentation   https://youtu.be/_PpoeqCxO7o

Greg Crowther's presentation  https://youtu.be/58GOtAUl5js

Ben Wiggins' presentation  https://youtu.be/F55XRQ5OymI